Business Director | Co-founder

Meet the "Za" in VaZa Salon. 

Co-Founder & Business Director,

Zamira has made a name for herself in the business industry through her salon VaZa Salon, co-owned with her sister, Val Tana. Raised by immigrant parents, she understood the challenges that women faced in corporate America and wanted to create a business environment where women feel empowered. 

Zamira graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Marketing and is actively studying Yoga. Zamira has been a trailblazer for women in the salon industry, leading with openness, and breaking down the traditional molds and barriers of an industry that has been predominantly male-owned and underrated.

Her dedication to creating a salon culture has led to the success of VaZa Salon. Zamira has grown to be quite the female entrepreneur leading a team of successful stylists. She has a can-do approach and manages all the operations of running our salon company as well as leading our team and handling customer relations.

Zamira is the mother of three beautiful children and wife to an amazing husband. She is a yoga practitioner, enjoys eating healthy and exercising daily. She firmly believes that if you stay focused on your goals, you can achieve them as long as you don't let anyone influence your thoughts. Easily said, "She is a queen at shattering stigmas and barriers for successful women."