Artistic Director | Level 6 Stylist | Co-founder

Meet the "Va" in VaZa Salon, Val, the Co-Founder & Artistic Director, embarked on a journey fueled by passion, leading her to establish VaZa Salon alongside her sister, Zamira.

Val's love for curly hair blossomed during her tenure at Devachan in SoHo, setting the stage for her remarkable career. Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Val delved into extensive hair cutting, coloring, and styling classes to refine her skills. Her expertise shines in balayage highlights, curly hair cutting/coloring, blondes, and grey blending.

Val's approach is uniquely tailored, considering each salon guest's hair texture, head shape, growth pattern, and lifestyle for a personalized experience. Val envisions the salon as a haven for positive and empowering experiences, believing that every visit should be eagerly anticipated. 

The salon's inviting atmosphere is a testament to Val and Zamira's commitment to making women feel good and look their best. Val's dedication extends to the education of her team, elevating VaZa Salon to new heights. The Master Associate Program, developed by Val and Zamira based on Val's techniques, ensures that every stylist undergoes comprehensive training. Val works closely with salon associates, considering them an extension of herself.

Beyond the salon, Val enjoys quality time with her husband and three kids. Her commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in the advanced classes she has undertaken, including courses from DevaCurl, Curly Hair Artistry, Martin Parsons, L’Oreal, KMS California, Innersense Organic Beauty, and more. Val's expertise culminates in her role as the creator of the Associate Training Program, shaping the future of stylists at VaZa Salon.