Artistic Director | Level 6 Stylist | Co-founder

Meet the "Va" in VaZa Salon. 

Co-Founder & Artistic Director, Val followed her passion and opened up VaZa Salon with her sister, Zamira. Val swiftly found her love for curly hair when she worked at Devachan in SoHo. Eager to learn more, she has taken extensive hair cutting, coloring and styling classes to perfect her skills. Val specializes in balayage highlights, curly hair cutting/coloring, blondes and grey blending. She tailors her cuts to her salon guests hair texture, head shape, growth pattern and life style! Val thinks that coming to the salon should be a positive and empowering experience, 

“We are here to make woman feel good & look their best.”

Val's passion for educating her team has taken VaZa Salon to a whole new level. All of our new stylists go through our Master Associate Program that was developed by Val & Zamira based on Val’s techniques. Val works closely with salon associates which she considers as an extension of herself.

Advanced Classes Taken By Val 

DevaCurl Course 1, Cutting and Pintura Color | Curly Hair Artistry 1 | Martin Parsons Formal Styling | Balayage Essentials | Balayage Advanced | Balayage Live | BLOW Blow Out Essentials | L’Oreal Structured Elegance | L’Oreal Framework | L’Oreal Coiffure | L’Oreal Dimensional Design | KMS California Woman’s Foundations | Curly Hair Artistry 2 | Innersense Organic Beauty Curly Cutting | International Beauty Show | Yves Durif Cut and Balayage | L’Oreal Woman’s Design Cut | Yves Durif Cut and Balayage 2 | L’Oreal Expert Program - 6 day | L’Oreal Inoa Color Advanced | Four Star Balayage Techniques | Pravana Color Class | L’Oreal Color Essentials | Paramount Beauty Shows | Matrix Color | Redken Shades EQ | Matrix Color | Creator of Associate Training Program