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Dry Curly Cut...$75-$115

Includes dry cut, wash, curly style. Hair must be detangled for curly cutting service.  

Detangling fee $50/30 min. 

Design Cut $62-$100 

Wash, cut, blow out, dry cut

Single Process Root Retouch $107-$115

Includes root touch up, wash. style 


Includes color, wash

Full Head Balayage...$247-$267

Includes highlights, gloss, style  

Half Head Balayage...$207

Includes highlights, gloss, style  

Face Frame Balayage...$142 

Includes highlights, gloss 

Grey Blending...$207-$247 

Includes color, gloss, style

Blow Out...$45-$75

Includes wash, style 
Natural Curly Style...$45-75 
Includes wash, style 
Hair must be detangled for curly style service. 
Detangling fee $50/30 min. 

Please Note: *All services show a starting price and can increase based on hair length, texture, or additional services rendered. Please consult your technician with further questions. 24 hour cancellation is required for all services. You may be asked to leave a 50% deposit on your next service.

Note * Curly Clients, your stylist will cut your hair and an apprentice does the styling according to the stylists instructions.

Number of sessions needed may vary to achieve specific results.

All service adjustments mist be performed within 2 weeks of initial appointment or additional services may be applied. 


As leaders in our salon industry, we continually look for ways to give the best value and experience to our loyal clientele. We make sure that our stylists are up to date on education and techniques. We spend additional time on in salon education outside of our working hours & days.

In order to maintain our beautiful salon, products, services and staff we will adjust the service price menu as needed. This helps us maintain our elite culture of our brand. We do our best to keep your experience with VaZa Salon intimate and relaxing with a minimal effect to you.

Women’s Curly Dry Cut

Jr. $75-$90

Sr $85-$102

M $90-$105

AD $100-$115

Women’s Design Cut

 Jr $64-$79

Sr $74-$89

M $82-$97 

AD &87-$102

Blow Dry/Natural Curly Styling $45-$55+

Curling Iron finish $45+

Formal Hair Jr/Sr $107 M $117 AD $127 (without a blowout)

*blow dry service with formal style is Ala carte


Root Retouch $107

Full Head Balayage $247

Half Head Balayage $207

Grey Blending $207-$247

Double Process*

Color Correction*

Consultation Required

Ala Carte

Gloss/Toner/Glaze $46

Face Frame Balayage $147

vivids/pastels $108+

Ala Carte Treatments: 

Hydro Intensive Conditioning $90

Olaplex $43

Build Up Treatment $30

Girls Design Cut

Girls Design Cut

 Jr/Sr $46-$61

M $60-$70

AD -$60-$70

Girls Curly Dry Cut

Jr/Sr $56-$71

M $66-$80

AD -$70-$80

Girls Formal Hair (without a wash and blow out)

 Jr/Sr $65+

M $55+

AD $85+

*blow dry service with formal style is Ala carte


Cut $45-$55

Curly Cut $55-$65
Grey Blending $45

Blow Out $45-75

Natural Curly Style $45-$75
Curling Iron $45
Formal Hair $107-$127

Build up remover $28

Intense Conditioning $28
Hydro-Intensive Condit. $90 
Design Cut $46-$70
Includes wash, cut, blow out, dry cut
Dry Curly Cut $55-$80
Includes dry cut, wash, curly style
Hair must be detangled for curly cutting service.
Detangling fee $50/30 min.
Formal Style $65-$85
Includes styling option of, updo, downdo, ponytail, braid
Men’s & Boys

Men’s Cut $45 M $50

Boy’s Cut $36 M $40

Custom Grey Blending $45


Bridal Makeup $150

Bridal Hair $182 M$200 AD $250  

All bridal appointments require a trial.  

*blow dry service with bridal hair is Ala carte

You may need a treatment if you…

Heat style

Are a swimmer

Have well water or hard water

Use products with silicones

Have dry hair 

Have a straightening treatment

Highlight your hair

Have product build up

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