Val Tana

Artistic Director
“The best part of this industry are our clients and understanding that hair texture varies with each individual. I like to study the hair and customize a technique that works best for that hair texture. This allows me to create and be limitless.”

Zamira Cutra

Business Director
The Beginning:
“Val and I are sisters and shared a room until we were the age of 14. We began planning this business since we were in elementary school. Val had a passion in beauty and I was passionate of helping her dreams come true. At a young age, we knew that this is what we wanted to do and what we had to do to achieve our goals.
Achieving Our Goals:
Val continued her education in the beauty industry, working in NYC and taking Professional Classes to expand her knowledge and become a leader in the beauty industry. I continued my education in Business and received my MBA. During this time, I worked in a family business in NYC."
Executing the Plan:
The beginning of VaZa Salon: "Paying attention to details began from the very beginning in creating VaZa Salon. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to bring VaZa Salon in the Ossining National Bank Building, which is a landmark building. When we first walked into this space, it was all skeletons. Val and I looked at each other and said "this is it." It was a perfect canvas to create and design. We kept most of the natural structure such as the exposed brick, marble columns, and the wood trimming on the windows, which were all built in 1908. With the help of family and friends, we were able to complete this project within nine weeks.
The Present:
Over 3,000 sq. ft., VaZa Salon is the leading salon in Westchester County that promotes natural healthy hair and carries natural products that give love to your hair.

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