Women's Fashion Cuts

Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair our stylists will consult with you and together will determine what the right cut is for you.

 Helpful tips: 

  • If you blow out your hair 90% of the time then a design cut is your best option. 
  • If you wear your hair naturally and it has a wave, curl or frizz, a curly cut might work in your favor.
  • If you want a cut to work both ways, talk to your stylists during the consultation.


Design Cut - wash, cut, blow dry 

(For best results, come in with your hair down and styled)

 L1 $62 - $72 L2 $72 - $87 AD $85 - $100

Curly Dry Cut - cut, wash, curly style 

(For best results, come in with your hair down, dry and curly)

 L1 $82 - $97 L2 $92 - $107 AD $110 - $125



Using premium color is our policy. INOA is a no ammonia permanent hair color range with an oil based technology, for all hair types. KEUNE SO PURE is a mild, effective ammonia and paraben free hair color, inspired by nature. 

Helpful tips:

  • Cleanse your hair with a purify shampoo 1 day prior your color appointment. 
  • Stick to your customized color schedule. 
  • Add a gloss every 6-8 weeks or depending on what your stylist recommends for you. (A gloss is color to the ends of your hair and will keep your color vibrant, shiny and close the cuticle of the hair.)


  • Coming in with greasy or dirty hair, this will result in less coverage.
  • Extend your recommended touch up, this will result in less coverage.

Root Retouch - color, style

L1 $97 L2 $107 AD $107

Root Retouch + Ends - color, gloss, style

L1 $143 L2 $153 AD $153

T-Hair Line Root Retouch - color, style

L1 $77 L2 $77 AD $77




Changing the industry standard, the balayage highlighting technique has evolved and is highly recommended by celebrity hair stylists. The freehand painting technique allows the stylists to customized your highlights. Great for everyone. 

What to expect:

  • A sun-kissed look.
  • Softer grow out without the harsh foil lines.
  • Less maintenance depending on your look 
  • A technique that minimizes damage to your hair.
  • VaZa technique that requires tissue paper and minimum or no saran wrap.
  • Grey Blending options are available and should be discussed with your stylist. 

Why we choose not to do not do foils:

  • Harsh noticeable regrowth foil line that is outdated.
  • High maintenance bringing you into the salon more often.
  • The lightener runs through the ends of the hair creating more breakage.
  • Gives you noticeable bleed marks. 
  • Leaves a carbon footprint with all of the foils used in your hair.
  • Causes more damage to the hair.

All new clients are recommended to schedule a consultation before booking a highlight appointment. 
You may email a current head shot and up to 3 photos of your hair goals. 

Check out our Instagram @vazasalon for inspiration. 

Full Head Balayage - color, gloss, style

L1 $237 L2 $247 AD $247

Half Head Balayage - color, gloss, style

L1 $197 L2 $207 AD $207

Face Frame Balayage - color, gloss, (style not included)

L1 $132 L2 $142 AD $142

Ombre - color, gloss, style

L1 $237 L2 $247 AD $247

Multi-dimensional - color, gloss, style

L1 $197 L2 $207 AD $207

Consultations are needed for the following services:

Double Process Blondes

Creative Fashion Color

Corrective Color

Please note:

  • All highlight services include a gloss. 
  • We don't highlight your hair without glossing it. 
  • A gloss helps seal the cuticle of the hair, it tones the color adds shine and conditions it.
  • Treatments are highly recommended when doing a full, half or ombre highlights.
  • It is recommended that you schedule your face frame balayage with your cut or a service that includes a      style.
  • We may refuse to highlight your hair if it is fragile or damaged.

Professional Treatments

To keep your hair healthy you need to treat your hair. If your at home treatment isn't working for you, 

a professional treatment may be a step in the right direction. We offer premium hair treatments from industry leaders such as L'Oreal Professionel, Olaplex and Redken.

Factors in which you may need a treatment:

  • Coloring
  • Heat styling 
  • Cleansing the hair before a color service to receive maximin results
  • Swimmers who swim in chlorine pools 
  • Well water system
  • Hair products that have silicones, parabens and other harsh chemicals 
  • Dry hair 
  • Frizzy hair 
  • Chemically treated hair 
  • Straightening treatments
  • Highlights 
  • Pollutants in our environment 

Professional treatments are designed for licensed professionals only. 

Hydro-Conditiong - treat, style...$90

Olaplex - bond repair...$43

Pre Art - Purify, cleanse...$28

Intense Deep Conditioning - hydrate, shine, reduce frizz...$28

Women's Styling

Have a party, date or an event to go to? Our team has you covered! Let our stylists be your glam squad and prep your hair for your special event. 

Blow dry - wash, style

$45 - $55

Curly style - wash, style

$45 - $55

Beachy style - wash, style

$45 - $55

Curling Iron - style


Braid - style

$25 - $43

Twist out (Ethnic Hair) - wash, style

$35 - $55

Detangling - wash

$25 - $43


$25 - $43

Formal Hair - style

L1 $95 L2 $100 AD $127

Pin up curls - style

L1 $70 L2 $80 AD $90

Ponytail - style

L1 $40 L2 $50 AD $60

Men & Boys

Grey Blending - color, wash, style


Color - color, wash, style


Cut - wash, cut, style


Men's Curly Cut - cut, wash, style


Hairline cleanup


Boys cut (12 & under) - cut, wash, style


Boys curly cut (12 & under) - cut, wash, style


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