Your trial and rehearsal


Step into our salon and tell us about your wedding dress, your flowers and décor, and how you usually wear your hair and makeup for a special occasion. We will listen and guide you toward the style that suits you best.

Each of our stylists are trained by Val to follow a protocol she created that ensures every bride has a successful trial. Your hair stylist will create two signature looks for you. Then your makeup artist will explore options, starting out clean and natural then moving on to a more smokey and sultry style, so you can see a transition and decide on the perfect look.

Throughout the trial, your stylist will take detailed notes and photos so that when your wedding day comes, they are fully prepared and ready to recreate the look.

Because Val wants to make sure you find your ultimate bridal look, you are always welcomed to email her for advice on how to get the most from your trial. Allow 3½ hours for hair and makeup trials.


Why look gorgeous just on your wedding day? Make the most of your wedding plans. Bring along friends and family, sip champagne, and make it a party.

Your rehearsal day gives your stylist a chance to get to know you even better and even try out a variation on your wedding-day look. Perhaps since your trial you’ve thought of another idea you’d like to test out. If you’re concerned the weather might affect your hair and makeup on the wedding day, your rehearsal is another chance for your stylist to make sure you have an alternative look.

Wedding day

How we work

Every stylist at VaZa Salon follows a stress-free, highly effective system developed by Val based on her extensive experience with brides on their wedding day.

Your stylist will be booked accordingly for you. As their only bride that day, you will be exactly where you should be on your wedding day: the center of their attention.

In advance, we will set up a wedding-day schedule for your team of stylist to ensure you and everyone in your bridal party is ready in plenty of time for the ceremony. We believe that good preparation is the foundation for long-lasting hair and makeup, so we build extra time into the schedule. You won’t feel rushed, because with our system, the process is smooth and chaos free.

By the time you step into your dress, you will be good to go—and so will we. Because we give so much attention to preparing your hair and makeup, it’s unlikely you will need us for touch-ups, but for your peace of mind we are happy to stay, with advance notice.

Bridal party

Your stylist will work with you on the wedding day to create any look you want for your bridal party. Bring photos as inspiration, or let us do something original and beautiful that complements your look. So the mothers of the bride and groom feel special and look perfect on the day, we can be booked for their hair and makeup too.

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